Why a new website should be your new year resolution

3 Jan 2019 | Business, Web Design

The start of the year is always a popular time to review your live choices, and there’s not a better time in the year to review your website choices too.

In the past people didn’t really expect your website to be particularly impressive – a few photos and some key business information was all they expected – however things are changing and now your visitors will be wanting something professional. Visitors are much less likely to accept second best than they were.

The way people interact with websites has changed. People don’t sit at home browsing the internet on an old PC stuck in the corner of the living room anymore. Now people are visiting your site using on their iPhone or Android devices – swiping and clicking their way through the internet. In this world of mobile surfing the internet looks like a very different place. Everything’s taller, smaller, closer together and ever changing and Google knows if you aren’t ready for the mobile generation.

Privacy is something people are much more on top off these days. Back when the internet was just a glint in Tim Berners-Lee’s* eye, people didn’t really seem bothered about what could happen to all the data they typed into websites. These days everyone has come to realise that website owners can’t always be trusted to look after your details. Laws have been created to protect the public and these new rules and regulations affect people behind small business websites just as much as those behind big names like Facebook and the BBC.

A few years ago, your website needed to be created to download across a dial-up connection where even the smallest of images could take minutes to arrive, appearing on screen chunk by chunk as the phone lines slowly allowed the data through. Now, faster home broadband speeds and 4G networks now mean that people are used to streaming impossibly large videos and images online. Your dial-up friendly website sadly won’t cut it anymore. Your visitors are expecting big, bold and powerful images and if you aren’t delivering then they’ll head elsewhere.

So where does this leave you and your old website this new year? Well, while you’re worrying about your personal goals for the new year why not look at making your website deliver your business goals too. Seems complicated? It can be, but out team has put together a handy little booklet that can help you through the process, plus we’re here to help you if need it. If you’d like a copy of our booklet head over here and download your copy.

* Tim Berners-Lee is the inventor of the World Wide Web.