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Website Design and Build

M Hibbert Construction is a Sussex building company with over a decade of experience working on residential and commercial building projects across the South East. The owners were noticing that the lack of a business website was causing them to miss out on many major projects, so reached out to us for a solution.

We worked with the business owners to find out what were the key services and business sectors they worked in. We then created a website that was intentionally designed to look as far from a traditional construction business as possible. This was because many of their clients are end-users rather than other businesses in the industry.

We used a combination of cool blues and almost classical typography to develop a stylish and somewhat high-end website, which featured dedicated areas about their services as well as a number of past case studies. The new website has seen the business’s online rankings dramatically improve and the number of project enquiries increase too.

Website: mhcon.co.uk

Screen showing the new website design.
Tablet showing 77 Rocket's design of the new website design.
Phone screen showing design of the website design.

Intentionally designed to look more like a property website than a typical construction one because of the company’s high-end clients.

Ipads with the new website design on.
Powerbook with website design on.

Designed to emphasize the high quality workmanship of the company through the use of great photography and colour.

Iphone on a desk with website on the screen.
Ipad showing M Hibbert Construction Website by 77 Rockets
Iphone and ipad on bright background.

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