Knight’s Leather Repair

Website Design and Build

Knights can trace their history in Leicestershire back four decades and are true leather and upholstery craftspeople. Their original site, however, was very badly designed and probably did them more hard than good. We worked with them to design and build a new site that showed visitors the large number of services they offered, and also showcased their high-quality craftsmanship and traditional skills.

Our team wrote content about all the leather and upholstery services they offer. This was combined with high quality imagery and client snapshots to create a site that’s both visually and editorially interesting. Since launching the new site, the business has seen a dramatic increase in traffic and enquiries. They’ve also seen a dramatic improvement in their rankings on Google.


Screen showing the new website design.
Tablet showing 77 Rocket's design of the new website design.
Phone screen showing design of the website design.

We used a combination of high quality photography and a lot of before and after photos to show the craftsmanship and artistry to the client’s work.

Ipads with the new website design on.
Powerbook with website design on.

We used vivid images of leather and fabric throughout and contrasted these with dark earthy tones as a backdrop to the site.

Iphone on a desk with website on the screen.
Ipad showing Knights Leather Repair Website by 77 Rockets
Iphone and ipad on bright background.

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