SF Sports Massage

Website Design and Build

SF Sports Massage is a Loughborough-based sports massage therapy business that has been serving people with sports injuries for nearly five years. The business was finding that their website wasn’t attracting new clients successfully and that many of those who did use the site struggled to find the information they needed.

We went back to basics and stripped away everything on the site that wasn’t important to their core business. We then created a number of key pages themed about the business and the services they offered their users, standardising some elements across the entire site so that users could always find them.

The end result is a visually interesting website that new and existing clients have found much easier to use than the original one.

Site: sfsportsmassage.co.uk

Screen showing the new website design.
Tablet showing 77 Rocket's design of the new website design.
Phone screen showing design of the website design.

Working with the client we created a strong website design that educated and informed their customers.

Ipads with the new website design on.
Powerbook with website design on.

We used a strong colour pallet of red, representing pain and blue, symbolising relief, throughout the site.

Iphone on a desk with website on the screen.
Ipad showing SF Sports Massage Website by 77 Rockets
Iphone and ipad on bright background.

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