Why a new website should be your new year resolution


Why a new website should be your new year resolution

When it comes to finding a company to build you a new website or online shop it’s all too easy to only worry about how much it’s going to cost. As the expression goes “You only get what you pay for” and in the case of getting a website built, nothing is closer to the truth.

In many ways websites serve a similar purpose to a well-designed shop window, or a great looking company van – they are there to let customers know about you and what you do. They quickly and easily give visitors information about your business and let them get a feel for what you’re about. And, just like an old rusty van or a shop window full of faded posters and a few dead flies, a poorly built website can put your customers off from ever finding out more.

Of course, not every poorly built website is cheap and not every cheap website is poorly built, but as a rule if you’re spending less than £400 on a complete website the chances are that whoever is building it for you isn’t putting much effort into creating you something special. They probably aren’t worrying about how the site will work for your customers, or how well Google will be able to list it. To be honest they probably just bought a generic template from somewhere and have stuck your name on it.

Creating and building a good website is so much more than turning a bunch of words and pictures into on online page or two. There’s a whole bunch of ‘science’ and planning that goes on behind the scenes in a great website that is the result of a lot of experience and research. Sadly, these things cost, and that’s why many cheap websites are poor value for money in the long run because they often don’t work as well like they should.

So, when you’re looking for someone to create you a new website look very carefully at other projects they’ve done, don’t be afraid to ask a few questions, and make sure that they find out from you what’s important about your business.

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