Why Smaller Businesses Need Websites

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Why Smaller Businesses Need Websites

Having a website isn’t just for online shops and large businesses, it’s equally important for small businesses to have a quality presence on the net. Here are 77 Rockets’ reasons why it’s crucial you get your small business online.

A quality website gives your business legitimacy
In the 21st Century a great business website is as much a mark of legitimacy as a good quality business card or a well sign-written truck. Even if a potential customer only checks out your homepage to get your phone number they’ll already be judging you by how professional your site looks. These days people are much less likely to trust a business without a website.

People use the internet as they used the phonebook
Most people don’t use a phonebook or the Yellow Pages anymore; they simply stick your company name into their computer or smartphone and click onto your website to find out your contact details. Plus, if they want to, they can find out a lot more about your business than just how to contact you. No website? Then Google will helpfully give the customer the details of your local competition instead.

E-commerce expenditure is increasing annually
While sales on the high street are taking a bit of a beating right now, sales in the online world are booming. Nearly 20% more people went shopping online this year than last in the UK, so without a website for your business you’re missing out on a lot of new customers – even if you don’t actually plan to sell products online directly.

A business website can help you get business in quieter times
Do you keep a list of existing customers that you reach out to once in a while to highlight special offers and promotions? Having a professional website for your business is a simple way to build a database of likely customers who would be interested in your future deals. Then, when business is a little quiet, you can use the mailing list to give your sales a boost.

Your website can lead customers into your store
How do new customers find your shop or business? These days most people usually start their journey on Google. A well-designed and up-to-date website acts as a huge advert for your real-world business, whether it’s a shop, bar or café, service or whatever, and allows new customers to find out a lot about you before they visit you in person. No website? They’ll probably go somewhere else that has one.

A business website gives you many more ways to market yourself.
The internet is developing very quickly and once you have a website for your business you’ll find there are many new and exciting ways to reach new customers. Having a well-thought-out website is key to reaching new customers through social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.), through the many business-recommendation websites that are popping up, and of course through Google’s own business service too. A professionally created website brings so many benefits to your business. It will give your existing customers all the information about your services and products they’ll need, as well as helping new clients understand your business and how you can help them. It will often also help reduce staff costs by answering many of your pre-sales customer enquiries and lower print costs on items like catalogues, menus and price lists.

Building a website for your business isn’t rocket science, but unless you know what you’re doing it can certainly feel like it. That’s where 77 Rockets can help – we work with small and medium-sized businesses to build the websites their businesses deserve. Why not talk to us and see what we can do for you.