Christmas is a great time to refresh your website

3 Dec 2018 | Business, Web Design

The Christmas season is a fantastic time to take a step back and see whether your website is working for your business and, if it’s more a couple of years old, look to see whether it’s time for a refresh. The internet is a fast-moving place and, sadly, what was state-of-the-art two years ago may well be out-dated – or even worse – breaking the law now. Here are 77 Rockets’ five things you need to make sure of with your website in 2019.

1. Make sure your website redesign is mobile-friendly.

Most people these days visit your website using a smartphone or tablet. Having a website that only really works well on your old PC is getting your website ignored by a lot of your visitors, plus many search engines, including the god of search – Google – negatively score websites that aren’t mobile friendly. That means they may not include them in mobile search results at all.

2. Make sure your site is secure and shows the padlock on Google.

Everyone wants their personal information kept as secure as possible. The internet might seem like a digital wild west but it’s actually easy to keep your visitors’ data secure. You just need to make sure your website redesign includes protection with a security certificate – which is simple to sort out. Having a certificate is especially important these days as Google show all sites without one as ‘Not Secure’. That’s a real red flag to site visitors.

3. Make sure it’s up to date and your contact information is correct.

If every out-of-date website was taken offline today the internet would be a very empty place. There’s nothing more off-putting to site visitors than finding out that the information on your website is out of date. Make sure that all your key information is current and when you do your website redesign think about having the ability to update important details yourself.

4. Make sure you have what’s called a Cookie Policy (it’s the law).

To be honest you’ll struggle to find anyone that really understands the real logic behind the cookie policy popups. That said, people expect to see the reassuring message and it’s a legal requirement to include the warning to visitors. Sadly, on most sites, clicking the pop-up achieves very little.

5. Make sure your website redesign is compliant with the GDPR laws (it’s also the law).

GDPR is a set of European regulations that came into effect this year that puts extra requirements onto website owners. These require website owners to make sure they look after their visitors’ data and gives those visitors a number of rights about that data. There is a lot of confusion about GDPR but the one thing you can be sure of is that if you haven’t updated your site in the last year you aren’t GDPR-compliant.

So, there is our festive roundup of five things you need to make sure your website has in 2019. Of course, if you are looking for a web design studio to help create you a new or updated website why not get in touch with our team. Give us a call on 0116 366 9979 or drop us a message using the contact us button!